Sunday, August 16, 2009


After a bunch of sculpture and illustration stuff (up on my other blog), I finally returned and finished this up. He now has the full range of lipsync-capable blends, is fully rigged and weighted, and has a second/2.5 pass at texturing. He still needs displacement, bump, and a little bit of cleanup around the seams...but he's basically ready to animate. I'm going to do a walk cycle this week, and sometime in the future I plan to make an environment for him (after I finish a couple of other small projects).


Robb said...

Love it! Think you should punch up the throat-wrinkle area a bit on the color map. Overall looks lovely.

Lizbeth Quispe said...

WHERE IS HIS SPECULAR HIGHLIGHT?!! Jk. It looks awesome, Eric. Hope things are going well with you.


eric and also art said...

Oh man, you're did I not notice. I'll be sure to fix that before I actually render out a final animation with an environment 'n all.

Thanks guys.

Arenyth said...

Eric this dude is adorable, I really like him. His skin specular is much too soft though, if you tightened it up it would look really good with a dotty specular map and some bump. Great modeling too! That's what I'm scared to go back to, it's such a mess.

eric and also art said...

I love the modeling, that's my favorite part to do!

Juan Andrés Castañeda said...

MAN. FREAKING AWESOME!!! he's really appealing!!

my only crit was that the shoes were distractingly bright in the walkcyle.

what a badass design---